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Maintenance overhauls / Scheduled inspections Description

    Sector-wise few major jobs, as executed successfully :-

 Steel & Mines : 

  1. 67.5MW BHEL make, 76MW GE make, 74MW ABB make, 31.4 MW BHEL make TG sets for M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd.
  2. 67.5 MW TG set of GE make for M/s Bharat Aluminium Co Ltd.
  3. 120 MW TG sets of BHEL make & 18 MW TG sets of BHEL make for M/s Nalco.
  4. 10 MW TG sets of BHEL make for M/s The Tata Iron & Steel Co Ltd.
  5. Turbo Alternator for M/s Steel Authority of India Ltd., Durgapur.
  6. 7.5 MW & 4.5 MW TG sets for M/s Jayaswals Neco Ltd.
  7. Turbine2 and Blower2 for M/s Jindal Saw Ltd.
  8. Waste Heat Boiler circulating pumps for M/s Hindustan Copper Ltd

Petrochemical & Refineries : 

  1. 12 MW Steam Turbine for M/s ONGC.
  2. WGC, RGC, MUG compressors and its Drive Turbine for M/s IOCL-Gujarat Refinery; WGC & DT of BHEL make, including MAB Compressor for Mathura Refinery; Rotary RGC, LRU & DT Compressors for Barauni Refinery; 10.5 MW Turbine for Haldia Refinery; Rotary compressor & Turbine for Panipat Refinery.
  3. 20 MW Co-Gen Turbine & Generator for M/s CPCL.
  4. Ebara, Japan make Compressor for M/s Gas Authority of India Ltd.
  5. MAB, WGC & CAB Compressors equipment for M/s Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  6. K-101 Centrifugal Pump for M/s Reliance Industries Ltd.
  7. LPG Compressor for M/s Bongaigaon Refinery.
  8. 17.5 MW MHI Turbine for M/s IPCL.

Textile Industry : 

  1.  14 MW Skoda make Turbine, Gear Box for M/s Reliance Industries Ltd.
Defence Sector : 
  1. York make Freon Turbo Compressor & TG sets for Heavy Water Plant, Manuguru, Department of Atomic Energy.
Cement Sector : 
  1. 23 MW TG set for M/s Ultratech Cement Ltd.
  2. Citrion H1H150 Gear Box for M/s ACC Ltd.
  3. Drive Turbine and replacement pedestal for M/s Manikgarh Cement plant.
  4. LS Crusher Rotor for ACC.
  5. VRM impeller and Shaft repair at CCI.
  6. VRM Rocker barring housings repair at CCI.
  7. VRm Generator Dismanting and Assembling at CCI.
Chemical Sector : 
  1. 3.45 MW BHEL make Turbine, GHH Man Compressor & Shin Nippon Turbine for M/s DCW Ltd.
  2. 90 MW Steam Turbine Generator for M/s Gujarat Alkali Chemicals Ltd.
  3. 10 MW and 40 MW BHEL make TG sets for M/s Grasim Industries Ltd.
  4. 6.6 MW Boiler Feed Pump Drive Turbine, 11 MW Steam Turbine, Gear Box & Generator for M/s Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd.
Utility & Enegy Sector : 
  1. 14 MW TG set at M/s FACT, Cochin for Alstom.
  2. 14 MW Escher Wyss STG for M/s Alstom Power Services Pvt Ltd.
  3. 30 MW Hitachi make Turbine for APGENCO.
  4. 2 x120 MW BHEL make TG sets of 3 casings, with generator of DVC TPS for BHEL.
  5. CO2  Compressor Drive turbine and replacement of 3 front bearing pedestal at Kribhco for M/s BHEL.
  6. 40 MW Turbine for M/s Crescent Power Ltd.
  7. TDBFP Turbine for M/s NTPC Ltd.
  8. 1 x 135 MW Turbine & Generator at M/s Raj West Power Ltd.
  9. 30 MW and 45MW Turbine, Generator, MOP and Bearing Inspection at M/s Tata Power Company Ltd.
Fertilizer Sector : 
  1. Governing system, MOP & Thrust Bearing for M/s Gujarat Narmada Fertilizer Corporation Ltd.
  2. BHEL make CO2 Drive Turbine; Triveni make Turbine with Gear Box & Governing; Borsig make LP case of Process Air Compressor; Flender make Gear Box for M/s IFFCO.
  3. Syn Gas Compressor Model: BCL 407 for M/s National Fertilizers Ltd.
  4. 16 MW BHEL make Turbine, Gear Box & Generator for M/s Paradeep Phosphates Ltd.
  5. 18 MW Turbine for M/s Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.
  6. Triveni make Turbine for M/s Kribhco, Surat.
Paper Sector : 
  1. Turbine & Gear Box for M/s NR Paper & Board Ltd.

  • new Kalavahini Award 2019 (in Gallery)
    Business Excellence Award 2019
  • new Recruitment going on for export project.

    New Export Orders recived.
  • Successful Overhauling of HP, LP Turbines & Generator, TG System for NPCIL, Kaiga
  • Successful Erection and Commissioning of 2XFrame V Gas Turbines and STG at Maruthi Suzuki
  • Annual Mechanical maintenance contract TG Sets for Raj West Power Limited, Barmer.
  • Annual Mechanical maintenance for TG set for Ideal Energy Projects Limited, Bela.