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Manufacture and supply of spares Benefits
Enhancement of life cycle and productivity
Cost saving and Timely delivery
Manufacture and supply of spares Description

Steel & Mines  : 

  1. Critical spares like oil glands, oil throwers for Feed Pumps for M/s NTPC Ltd.
  2. Hand barring gear lever, oil seal & jacking oil flexible house for 33 MW BHEL make TG set at M/s Bhushan Steel Ltd.
  3. Gland packings for control valve, spherical washers, sealing fins, coupling bolts, bush, valve spindle, labyrinth fins, for 5.6 & 31.4 MW BHEL make TG sets of M/s Hindalco Industries Ltd.
  4. Oil glands for 4.4 MW Generator of M/s Hindustan Copper Ltd.
  5. Gland fins for 55 MW TG set of M/s Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.
  6. Overhead Oil Storage Tank, Water Injector, Coal Nozzle Tip for M/s National Aluminium Company Ltd.
  7. Generator bearing pedestal, governing valve spindle assembly, thrust pads, nozzle for ejector, etc., for M/s Tata Steel.
  8. Bearings like journal, thrust, MOP and  for generator, gear box for customers like Tisco.
  9. Various critical spares like oil labyrinth glands, pump shaft assembly, governor impellar assembly, radial bearings, follow up pistons, spring assemblies for HP, LP, filters for governing and jacking oil pump, oil seals for generator/exciter bearings for M/s Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd.
  10. Manufacture & supply of various spares for 150 KHI/9 Boiler Feed Pump for Rourkela Steel Plant, as per M/s NTPC-SAIL Power Company Ltd.

Defense / Atomic Energy Sector  : 

  1. Unloading valves, lube oil adjustable orifices, etc., for Heavy Water Plant.
  2. Dynamic seal assembly and Torch gun for M/s Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd (import substitution).

Cement Sector: 

  1. Screw flight assembly for M/s Cement Corporation of India Ltd.
  2. Valve cones, valve spindles, bushes, slip rings, bearing pedestal, generator stator, etc., for M/s Grasim Industries Ltd.
  3. Steam chest stud with nut, bolt & pin for control valve, valve spindle for M/s Ultratech Cement Ltd.

Fertilizer Sector : 

  1. HP & LP servomotor conical cam, piston seals, compression rings, MOP shaft with pinion, radial bearing for 16 MW TG of M/s Paradeep Phosphates Ltd.
  2. Spare parts like stuffing boxes for IFFCO units.
  3. Slip rings, bearing pedestals, inlet & outlet oil hangers for M/s Grasim Industries Ltd.
  4. HP stuffing box, shaft for Turbine Drive & Hot Ammonia Pump, nozzle segment, end gland labyrinth, HP governing valve spindle, plunger, HP & LP barrels with nuts for M/s IFFCO. 

Paper Sector : 

  1. Fasteners & other spares for 1 MW turbine of M/s NR Paper & Board Ltd.
  2. Gland Screws, gland bushes and flange bearing for M/s Century Pulp & Paper.

Petrochemicals & Refineries  : 

  1. 2nd stage labyrinth rings for M/s Bongaigaon Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd.
  2. Pump shaft assembly for 20 MW turbine; crude change pumps; dry gas seal spares for Recycle Gas Compressor at M/s CPCL, Chennai.
  3. Spares like Disc, shaft, seal rings, servomotor seal kit, journal bearing for MOP, Eccentric Guide for M/s CPCL.
  4. Spares for RGC; HP follow up piston guide, LP follow up piston sleeve, MOP radial bearings, MOP axial bearings for M/s Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Sugar Secor  : 

  1. Ceramic insulating washers for 24 MW Co-Gen Project of M/s Godavari Sugar Mills Ltd.
  2. Graphite Rings for 1.5 MW set of M/s Arignar Anna Sugar Mills.
  3. Valve spindle & other spares for 1.5 TG & Drive Turbine Shaft for M/s Nizam Deccan Sugars Ltd.

 Chemical Sector : 

  1. Spares like MOP driven gear, O-Ring, Colour Flow Needle Valve for M/s Grasim Industries Ltd.
  2. Spares like steam gland seals, rear journal bearing & thrust-cum-journal bearing, pinion for bearing gear motor for M/s Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd.
  3. STG LP & HP control valve spares, steam gland spares, turbine rotor spares for M/s Reliance Industries Ltd.

 Utility & Energy Sector  : 

  1. Various gland seals, packing rings, HP-IP, IP-LP, LP-Generator coupling bolts, etc., for M/s Alstom Projects India Ltd.
  2. Packing rings, bushes, power piston, governor assembly, governor spares for APGENCO.
  3. Impeller for MOP assembly for M/s CESC Ltd.
  4. Diaphragms for HP, MP outer casing & inner MP casing for M/s NTPC-Alstom Power Services Ltd.
  5. Oil guards, labyrinth rings, LPQCV spares, steam nozzles & coupling bolts for M/s NTPC Ltd.
  6. Slip rings and Thrust pads for M/s NTPC-SAIL Power Company Ltd.
  7. MP Turbine front & rear gland assembly for Punjab State Electricity Board.
  8. Spares for 30 & 45 MW TG sets of M/s Tata Power Company Ltd.
  9. Various spares as required for 2x110 MW TG sets of GNDTP, Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd.


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  • Successful Overhauling of HP, LP Turbines & Generator, TG System for NPCIL, Kaiga
  • Successful Erection and Commissioning of 2XFrame V Gas Turbines and STG at Maruthi Suzuki
  • Annual Mechanical maintenance contract TG Sets for Raj West Power Limited, Barmer.
  • Annual Mechanical maintenance for TG set for Ideal Energy Projects Limited, Bela.